Monday, March 15, 2010

A Noreaster is drenching New Jersey

The crocus in the front yard are beginning to peep up through the straw colored grass. Daffodils are boasting fat yellow buds ready to pop open. The ground is heaving up around the mums. Torrential rains have finally melted the great mounds of snow that seemed never ready to leave.

Trees are down all over the place. Power lines tangle in with tree limbs. Shoprite has refrigeration trucks in the rear of the store. No frozen food is available inside. The pharmacy is closed, because terminals are down. Cash registers are being powered by generators. Traffic lights are non functional.

It is amazing that drivers are actually being courteous to each other. The land is in a state of emergency and the ground has had to much to drink. Water ten feet deep in some areas. My basement is dry. The sump pump is working. We have power.

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