Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hot Yellow Peppers Yield

Last season I only planted 3 hot yellow bananna plants. Those three plants yielded over a bushel of peppers. These prolific peppers were grown in a space 4'X 2'. The earth was cultivated to a depth of more than six inches, closer to a foot. Pot ash, bone meal, dried blood, peat moss, cow manure were mixed in generously. Miracle grow was used according to directions to help prevent wilting in the hot southern sun. The plants were kept evenly moist and weed free until they were well established. The space is in the front yard facing south. This ground had previously been used to grow flowers only.

It is the best space on the property for unobstructed sunlight. The plants attracted a lot of attention. The bright yellow green fruit was harvested sometimes twice a week and shared with the neighbors.

The seeds carry the bulk of the spice in this plant. When seeds are removed the skin becomes a pleasant pungent addition to salads and stir fry. Of course the pungent nature of this plant is great when eaten full force with the seeds. It clears the head right up. Sometimes I boil them in beans or soups.

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