Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning on A Budget

My Landscaper is a neighbor who works very hard to care for his wife, children and other relatives. You can set the clock by him during the growing season. He has a very long driveway and is forced to manuever the equipment up the drive to his house every evening and out again in the morning. His truck makes a loud beeping noise to signal others that he is backing up. It beeps until the long trailer is safely parked beneath the high 2nd floor deck attached to the house. You get used to the sound. He is number 7 in a long line of lawn maintenance men who have worked in my yard. He installed that attractive walkway and modest terrace of pavers. He planted the sod after the house was renovated. I have a great deal of respect for his artistry with the stones. His crew does a decent job aerating, fertilizing, cutting and trimming the grass. The shrubbery is pruned when I ask. That is extra.

He is the first Landscaper who listened to me when I insisted that the grass does not need to be cut every week. All of the others just mumbled under their breaths and kept right on cutting dirt. He nodded politely and said it was perfectly fine to mow the lawn bi-weekly.
I am retired and living on my teacher's pension. I cannot afford full service anymore. This year I plan to go back to doing most of the work again. The hard work will help me keep my blood sugar in check and lower my landscaping budget. Spring cleanup is always a surprise and not a set amount. He has already given me the thumbs up when passing by in his truck. He understands. His crew of workmen will not touch my flower or vegetable beds. They will be expected to cut and trim the grass only. I am adjusting my life to my present economical circumstances.
I will do the work and give thanks that I'm physically able. It will be wonderful therapy physically and emotionally. My Landscaper will adjust his services and everyone will be able to survive. I never thought I would be rich in retirement. I'll take healthy anyday.

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