Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Ground is Thawing!

Another day awakened by a lively 3 year old proclaiming a bright and shiny day.
"Its a bright and shiny day, Grandma. Get up!"
How does one resist that? Not at all on a day like today. There was enough of a chill on the breeze that we still wore our jackets. The day was channeling spring. We spent time in the yard chasing the dog, kicking the soccer ball, tuning up the radio flyer 3 wheeler, playing with Batman figurines and walking.

He found that he really can peddle the radio flyer. He discovered that crashing can sometimes be fun.

The daffodils are up with the yellow blossom ready to pop through the green covers. The crocus and periwinkle are blooming.

The crunchy soils in my flower and vegetable beds are getting soft. Spring is coming! Yea!

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