Wednesday, March 7, 2012

High Fructose Corn Syrup: How Do you Feed Carbohydrate Junkies?

My 3 year old grandson has refused meat products since he was old enough to eat from a spoon. He came into the world with a very discerning sense of smell. Nothing passes his lips before it has gone through his little smell test.
"No, that's yucky. That's too floppy. That's too spinach."
Today, I bought carrot juice. The expensive kind. I have become very worried about the fact that MD's are saying that high fructose corn syrup has been linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and skin cancer. It seems that this sweetner is cheaper than cane sugar. It always boils down to money. He is very fair and loves outside and the sun.  So how do you feed a child who refuses all fruit, vegetables and meat of all kinds? What do you feed a 3 year old who drinks milk, juices, cool aid, apple juice, iced tea, and pediasure? He only eats baby pasta and odoodles of noodles.  Have you ever seen those tiny flecks of parsley in the soup mix packet? Well he picks out those almost microscopic specks of green. "No spinach." He is so picky that he only consumes the foods that the body makes into sugar. This means that the child lives on sugar.

High Fructose Corn Poison
I have often told my daughter that Mickey D's should stop lying about there being meat in Chicken Nuggets, because that is the only thing that resembles meat that he will eat. They pass his smell test. How is that possible? Do additives mask the smell of meat or is the meat absent.

He is extremely asthmatic and takes a melt in your mouth singulair daily. Singulair is said to cause hallucinations and violent rages. I'd say that the sweet little boy can go there. He also takes albuterol and pulmicort when in serious distress, which is almost all the time. He is lying in his little bed right now with the nebulizer running. Sometimes I think that the noise of it soothes the little beastie inside and puts him to sleep. Okay, that was wishful thinking. Too much Gogurt today. He may even be allergicSugar. Sugar. And milk makes phlegm? Even orange juice is said to make phlegm. He doesn't like orange juice anyway.
"Its too orange. Check and Check."
He couldn't do the walk yesterday. He is too heavy to carry. He is not fat. He is solid. His saving grace is that he likes Nick Jr. and will dance all night to the many songs, if you let him. Tonight he ate dinosaur shaped pieces of what  was supposed to be chicken. This was a turning point. Now it seems like there will be a fitful night of sleep ahead.  Okay, I will stop now. I am scaring myself.

I have been doing a lot of reading about the corn syrup, sugar, the drugs and asthma. 

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