Sunday, June 16, 2013

Farmers Work with Mother Nature

Rows are made across the path of the rainfall. The objective is to slow the movement of the water in order to increase absorption and decrease runoff.

Rainfall flows downhill. See the sloop? The good traditional Farmer plows across the path of the rain. This will slow the water down forcing much of it to be absorbed into the soil and less of the vital nutrients to be washed away by the downpour. Seasoned farmers know that the rows should be spaced far enough apart so that the middle of the 2 rows has sufficient soil to heel up around the plants as they grow. This may be done with the tiller or with the old fashioned mule in front pulling or man behind pushing. I Actually prefer the antique hand push model here because it disturbs the plants the least. This is a method used
handed down in farming families in the south and probably around the world.

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