Wednesday, May 6, 2015

One Of Those Best Days Ever

It is learning time in the Louie Bacoat Historic
Community Garden.

Today, there will be no playing on the pile of soil.
There will be structured  learning.
He is 6 and is learning to use the rake.
It kept his attention for a while. He would prefer to
slash the air and pretend that he is a ninja with
a special weapon.
She is 8 and learning about the life cycle of a
collard green.When those flowers appear, the
cycle is over unless you are going to collect the seeds
that follow the blossoms.
It is much more fun to dig a hole and feel the dirt in
your fingers while looking for the earthworms that
Mrs. Johnson showed him in class. It
would have been nice to find a few. That is
a good sign.
She learned a few things about weeds.
He dug a really deep, neat hole.
A friend wanted to know what those Christmas
tree like plants are. The answer collard greens that
should have been harvested and eaten before they
went up to seed.
Another new member. She is also from the south.
She too,grew up in farm country and knows what
to do with the dirt.
Crystal Brown converses with
a new member of our garden
cooperative.He is from the country
so he'll just have to remember what
his Parents taught him.
No. It is time to eat them. 
Take them home and cook
them. It is time to start again.
It was a rewarding day of work.
Time for a selfie.
Time to go  home and take a couple of advil.

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