Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Plant Those Sprouting Experiments!

The grandchildren did not believe that we could
grow peas on a napkin
We allowed leaves to form. The kids called
them Cows because I told them they
were cow peas.
The kids watched them closely as they grew.
They ran in the house asking how the sprouts
were doing.
September 10, 2014. We planted them out in
the garden.
I explained that we were planting
them later in the year than usual.

They really did not care. They got
to play on the dirt pile.

September 9, 2014. We did not
count on the Deer loving cow peas.
Our cow peas were a tasty delight for the deer.
Deer do not seem to like zucchini. The cow peas
that were close to the green squash were not
touched by deer.

The experiment was a success. We did
get a few cow peas. A mixture  of
garlic and the hottest pepper
I could find discouraged
the Deer from making
our cow peas
a delicacy.
The zucchini also grew on the napkin. Four zucchini plants produced a fine harvest.
For the humans, not the deer.

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