Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Children Are Well.....

4th Ward Council Wayne Hamer
and Anita Newkirk
Esther Babb's Mother paid us
a visit.

The Sisters pitched in to help turn a bed to add
soil amendments to improve water retention and
drainage in the bed.

Our Missionary Sisters arrived promptly at
9 am ready to work. They did their 2 hours,
collected the hugs and moved on.
Thank you again, Sisters.
They helped me turn over the soil in my bed to
add peat moss. I taught them to get down deep.
I was thankful for the help. It was great
to see them loosen up and have some fun.
2 are leaving for another location in a
few days.
Kenneth Walton is our new Superintendent.
He takes hisjob seriously. We were overjoyed
when he arrived with the lawnmower and his
weed whacker and commenced to work.
Mom waits as her sons become acquainted with
my grandchildren in the dirt pile. It will never be
too soon to have that soil spread throughout
the garden.
The grass was cut in the garden and on the ribbon
by the curb. Weeds were whacked along the fence.
This is not true Square foot
Gardening because we
do not have
I am determined to find enough to make at least
one bed a true Square Foot Garden with the
prescribed ingredients. Vermiculite was not
available in the local places. i do so love
the look of it. The kids like the
idea of knowing which
square foot
holds their plants.

They got too happy in the dirt.
It was a chore cleaning
the hair on their heads

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