Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cub Scout Troop 171 & The Square Foot Gardening Challenge

Cub Scout Troop 171
They arrived with their plants and their
Den Mother.
Esther Babb gave them lessons in turning the soil.
She talked with them about why peat moss should 
be added to the soil and why the soil also needs
the composted cow manure.
They were taught about tool safety and why the
sharp tools must remain in contact with the soil
in order to keep each gardener safe.
Justin and Lily watch as Den Mom plants.
Lily has no trouble getting
used to the soil between her
little fingers.
The boys marked out the square feet. They were
taught to use the hammer safely.
I think he wants his x-box. He kept asking me
how many hours did gardening require.
9 Days Later

Their produce has taken hold and no longer
droops in the hot sun.
The thirsty plants loves this rainy day.
Bush beans planted by seed are doing very well.
Even the marigold plants are popping up out of
the soil.
The rest of Cub Scout Troop 171 will plant the
rest of the squares later on in the week.

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