Monday, September 7, 2015

Sun Flowers & Lima Beans

Sun Flowers grow in the
same bed as asparagus beans, basil,
3 varieties of hot peppers, onions, 
marigold, 2 types of tomatoes,
egg plant, amaranth (callaloo), 
coriander, bok choy, okra,
cantaloupe, oregano, beets,
Companion planted in a
Square Foot Garden

Given the choice of what the plant, the 6 year old chose
sunflowers again.
It is hoped that we will harvest
some worthwhile seeds from these
before the birds get to them.

This is his Mother's first visit to the
Community Garden where she is
shown all the wonderful things her
2 small children
have participated in growing.

Her 6 year old son ran from his bus carrying
this Lima Bean that was sprouted
in his Kindergarten class at Quarles.

This healthy pole bean has 
wrapped itself around the
sunflowers that he
also planted from 
seed directly
in the garden.

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