Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Careless Contractors Make More Work

Don't be shy once you have contracted someone to work in your yard. Make yourself visible. Beneath all of that dirt is landscape fabric and 3 inches of rotting cedar wood chips. A lot of hard work and expensive materials buried beneath dirt from the excavation. No attempt was made to preserve what was there when they came. The remodel was so overwhelming that I did not have enough time to follow the guys about to see where they discarded the waste created when working in construction. They were slobs. Not only did they bury my landscaping designs they left garbage all over my property. There are spots in my lawn that will not sustain grass, because something was dumped there. I don't even know what it was.

Why is it that men don't want to listen to women even when they are being paid by said woman? I halted work one day because thegeneral contractor did not take my complaints seriously. An announcement was made that I would call the building inspector and the health department and show them the way they worked. The men didn't care. It wasn't their company. The general contractor thought he corrected the problem, but they never really listened. They still left a lot of mess for me to clean up. The landscaping cloth is still buried and must be removed this spring. The cedar wood chips have since rotted and enriched the soil down deep. Be ever vigilant, because careless contractors make extra work, cost money and may create building code and health department infractions.

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